Mceadmin - Author of the site

I am the author of articles reviewing or in other cases just the main features of the game and applications. For a long time I have been addicted to the game Minecraft and can spend my free time playing others.

I have a team working with me that also takes part in creating the description and adding information to the site.

Most of the added reviews and descriptions are publicly available information from open sources or self-study from reviews. Accordingly, the applications published on this site have their own developers, which you can find out about in additional descriptions.

If you want to post your games or programs, you can send a document to [email protected]; along with a description of your game product, we can indicate your data (links, personal website, YouTube channel or others).

If you don’t like the added information or have any complaints, write to us by email and we’ll sort it out.

Thank you for using the site, we try to do all articles with high quality, dear guests of the resource!